OzLockCon – Australian Physical Security Conference CFP/W

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Hi Everyone!

OzLockCon is Australia's first (and only!) Locksport and physical security conference and will cover not just lockpicking but also general physical security and digital access control (think RFID, Alarm Systems, Radio/Bluetooth locks etc).

The main idea is to promote awareness of physical security, learn new skills, refine old ones and encourage the hobby of locksport throughout Australia while having fun!

So! We're looking for quality submissions to our 2017 Call for Papers and Call for workshops. Some topic ideas that we are interested in and hope to present about:

  • picking techniques
  • bypass techniques & tools
  • impressioning techniques
  • digital lock manipulation
  • decoding attacks
  • safe manipulation
  • the locksport community and our hobby
  • historical/antique locks
  • privilege escalation attacks
  • key duplication
  • alarm system attacks
  • building access control systems
  • motor vehicle security
  • DIY tools and their making
  • making cut-aways
  • lock manufacturing
  • metallurgy, metalworking, and material science research
  • improving physical security
  • ‘tamper-evident’ seals
  • making/hacking challenge locks
  • legal aspects of locksport in Oceania
  • physical security in red teaming/pen. testing
  • radio security (eg. mobile, pagers, CB radio)
  • RFID/Magstripe/Smartcard security
  • social engineering

If you aren't Australia based, we may be able to help you out with regard to flights and accommodation so don't let that stop you submitting. Just make sure your submitting something awesome so we can't say no 😉


The OzLockCon team.

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